Evaluating Identity Governance Solutions? Now is the Time to Do It Right! 

The 4 Key Considerations of Optimized Identity Governance 


The need for identity governance and administration (IGA) to protect and manage organizational data has never been greater, yet the challenge of managing hundreds of applications has many identity teams strapped and frustrated.  Better identity governance doesn’t have to add yet another application to the stack. If you’re looking to improve your identity governance capabilities or move it to the cloud, now is the time to do it right. Join Clear Skye to learn the 4 key considerations of optimized identity governance. 

Join us for this 30-minute webinar where you’ll:
•    Better understand why the tired approach to IGA isn’t working 
•    Learn how to get more from your existing systems and resources 
•    See how bringing identity data to the ServiceNow platform can simplify
       and streamline IGA 



Webinar Presenters:

Erin Duncan


Clear Skye

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David Redmond

Director, Expert Services

Clear Skye

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Optimized identity
starts on ServiceNow.

Clear Skye optimizes identity by putting it where it belongs. With our IGA solution built natively on ServiceNow, we enable customers to:

  • Ensure governance with a familiar user experience
  • Automate governance of all your applications
  • Do more with less on a platform you already love
  • Balance security, flexibility, and maintenance

Clear Benefits

With Clear Skye everything is better when identity security and governance is built on and lives in ServiceNow.

Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

Clear Skye provides the full set of identity security and governance capabilities without the time, cost, and human capital inherent in standalone identity solutions.