Enhancing ServiceNow SecOps with Identity Data

ServiceNow - Conor Champion, SecOps Practice Lead, EMEA

Clear Skye - Attila Winter, Sr Solutions Consultant, EMEA


Identity is the foundation of access management, due to the decreasing importance of the perimeter, making visibility into identity-related attack activity one of the most essential lines of defense. Clear Skye’s identity warehouse data resides natively on the Now Platform, and coupled with ServiceNow’s Security Incident Response application, unlocks identity threat response capabilities. Taking the data created by Clear Skye IGA’s identity lifecycle management processes and analyzing patterns, this solution combination provides visibility into potential identity-related attack activity.

Watch this webinar to learn how to harness Clear Skye’s identity capabilities and information & ServiceNow’s security playbooks to identify malicious attacks, such as ransomware or risky access that may be exploited to exfiltrate data.

You will learn how Clear Skye enhances ServiceNow SecOps:

•  Augments security incidents with identity context 
•  Expedites remediation of incidents with just-in-time access 
•  Mitigates risk of incidents by disabling and selectively restoring access 
•  Attaches audit evidence for security incidents that includes identity
     actions and remediations

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Webinar Presenters:

Conor Champion

SecOps Practice Lead, EMEA


Conor Champion

Conor has 8+ years of experience in cyber security, fulfilling operational roles within the Security Operations Centre (SOC) and Engineering functions, as well as software specialist and consultative roles within risk management and cyber security. He has also lectured in cyber security and digital transformation at University College London (UCL).

Attila Winter

Sr Solutions Consultant, EMEA

Clear Skye

Attila Winter Headshot

Attila has 10 years of experience in IT and security automation. He started his career in managed services and moved on to roles in cyber security consultancy and pre-sales engineering. He specialises in translating software capabilities and services into business outcomes.

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Identity Governance & Security
Workflow management, access requests, access review, and identity lifecycle management now run native on ServiceNow with Clear Skye.


Clear Benefits

With Clear Skye everything is better when identity security and governance is built on and lives in ServiceNow.

Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

Clear Skye provides the full set of identity security and governance capabilities without the time, cost, and human capital inherent in standalone identity solutions. 

[Datasheet] ITDR: Clear Skye IGA + ServiceNow Security Operations

Harness Clear Skye’s identity information + ServiceNow’s security playbooks to identify malicious attacks such as ransomware or risky access that may be exploited to exfiltrate data

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