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Identity data is crucial for organizations looking to protect sensitive information and increase operational efficiency. To address this, many enterprises turn to ITSM solutions, like ServiceNow, to generate data from every IT activity and gain visibility into those activities across their business. But identity data lives outside the platform with unstable integrations connected through APIs.

Historically, replacing a legacy identity system with a modern solution has been a substantial undertaking. IT teams are stretched thin as they install the new system while supporting the old one, while end users with years of expertise with the old system must suddenly learn a new one. In other words, productivity, usability, and overall business takes a hit. 

It doesn’t have to be that way, and Clear Skye can seamlessly connect the old with the new. Rather than opting for a complicated “rip and replace” approach, Clear Skye gets your identity data onto the ServiceNow platform and enables significant benefits your IT teams will thank you for. And you can utilize ServiceNow Elite Partner Contender Solutions to deliver your identity project and become efficient, productive and secure through people, process, and technology.

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In this webinar attendees will learn:
- How to fill in the gaps of legacy identity systems. Address the shortcomings of legacy identity tools that aren’t meeting governance needs of today’s businesses.
- How to deliver a modern platform experience. House identity data on the Now Platform to enable seamless access reviews, a familiar UX, and business alignment that legacy systems do not. 
- Why Connectors? Empower your team to house identity data from other IGA solutions on the Now Platform (not just integrate).

Webinar Presenters:

Mike Forward

SecOps Practice Leader

Contender Solutions

Mike Forward

Mike brings more than 10 years of ServiceNow Expertise to the table with a deep background in ITSM and HRSD. Today Mike serves ServiceNow customers as Contender Solutions’ SecOps Practice Leader where he owns the delivery and success of all collaborations with Clear Skye.

David Redmond

Director, Pre-Sales – North America
Clear Skye

David Redmond

David has worked with Clear Skye since 2019 and has more than thirty years of IT security automation experience, with the last ten years focused on identity-centric product implementations for IGA security programs around the world. His broad experience spans a variety of industries, and includes several years of classroom teaching experience.

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Identity Governance & Security
Workflow management, access requests, access review, and identity lifecycle management now run native on ServiceNow with Clear Skye.


Clear Benefits

With Clear Skye everything is better when identity security and governance is built on and lives in ServiceNow.

Everything You Need and Nothing You Don’t

Clear Skye provides the full set of identity security and governance capabilities without the time, cost, and human capital inherent in standalone identity solutions. 

[New White Paper] The 3 Inflections of Identity Governance: The Value Paradox

Like any revolution, identity too has evolved with the phases of the internet to meet the needs of new security threats, technological capabilities, and larger cultural and economic changes. But is it reaching its full potential?

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